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Living whole, healthy, and victorious

Restore 2 Wholeness Wellness Ctr. is located in Cedar Hill, Texas We provide holistic health services through our for-profit wellness center and community-based health education and prevention activities through our non-profit arm, Soul So Good Healthy.

We believe that the body was designed by God to heal itself if you put the proper nourishment in it. Yes, we are talking about whole foods eaten with all the life still in them, including the fiber and all the original nutrients intact. These are foods that have not been refined, processed, nor stripped of any of its nutrients. This is important because the quality of nutrients you eat determine the quality of cell tissue in your body.

Your body consists of trillion of cells and you determine whether your cells will have quality material through whole nutrients or refined processed nutrients. When imbalances occurs in the body, we get signs of disease, low-energy, fatigue, poor digestion, acid reflux, foggy thinking, diabetes, heart congestion, arthritis, headaches, dizziness and a whole host of other conditions and symptoms. Sometimes we need a more drastic intervention dues to the poor state of health. Restore 2 Wholeness Wellness Ctr is about reclaiming balance (health), energy, mental clarity, a sense of well-being in the body, and all body systems communicating with each other in harmony.

At Restore 2 Wholeness Wellness Ctr we teach our client how to take care of their body. The Restore 2 Wholeness Wellness Ctr staff believes firmly in the laws of nature and the Blueprint the Creator has designed for the body to heal; however, we also believe in the power of prevention and intervention.


Soul So Good Healthy is our non-profit organization working with the community on healthy eating practices and diabetes prevention.


Collins Wellness Center has partnered with Black Women Health Imperative
to promote Diabetes awareness and Training Programs