We want you to feel better and get your health back.

Close-up image of a wooden table full of natural food ingredients.

Feeling Better Starts With Knowing Why You’re Unwell.

Not knowing why you’re not feeling well is miserable. Why are you waking up tired and fatigued after sleeping a full night? What is wrong?

We begin your journey to wellness and health using a bio-communication system. Our system is designed
to communicate with your body as to what its needs are, your body will communicate what it needs to
balance your body systems. We then use this valuable information to help us understand what’s going on with your body. Our assessment process coupled with your own health history will give us a good picture of how to create a regimen specifically for you.

Health History

Answering questions about your health history is part of our information intake process. There is always a lot of communication going on in the body. The body speaks to you through different channels. Lets, say you have a headache. The body tells you your head is hurting. This is not normal. You may have problems digesting your foods, heartburns, problems with regularity, gas, allergies etc. Your body will communicate to you that all is not well.  We need this information, as well as, information about surgeries, or medications you may be on. This information allows us to create a nutritional regimen that builds up the whole body and not just address a symptom.

Testing Kits

Testing allows us to pinpoint more specifically areas of weakness. For example, you could have food sensitivities, brain chemistry imbalance that affect concentration and memory, hormonal imbalances that affect your behavior and how your body response in certain situation. The adrenals which is your stress hormone needs sufficient nutrients to handle stress. At Restore 2 Wholeness Wellness Center, we utilize various tests, including:

    • Urine, Saliva & Blood
    • Brain Chemistry
    • Food Sensitivity
    • Hormones